Alder Cones


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Alder cones are rich in active substances such as tannins and renowned for their anti-bacterial and fungicide effect. Do not be fooled by their size, they pack a serious punch in terms of properties and effect.

Perfect for Shrimp/Betta/Biotype aquariums. We use these as well as our other botanicals in all our wild type spawning tanks as well as shrimp breeding displays.


  • Natural food source for microbes and shrimp
  • Releases tannic properties which have a healing effect
  • Contributes towards a lowering of PH
  • Anti-fungal Properties to help fight off Infection
  • Creates a blackwater environment


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Word of caution as these are exceptionally potent, start of slowly in nano tanks and follow guidelines in the above link. Always watch your inhabitants for signs of distress etc.

Cones are sourced from outlying, low traffic, non-pesticide usage areas and are collected once naturally released from the tree branch. It is advisable to rinse cones before adding to tank.

Alternatively, a concentrated tea can be made by allowing leaves to soak in dechlorinated water over the course of a few days. Try not too boil as this destroys some of the beneficial properties.


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