Anubias Congoensis Mini


Quick Guide

  • CARE: Easy
  • LIGHT: Low
  • CO2: Not Required
  • PLANT LOCATION: Attaching
  • PH: 6-9
  • PROPOGATION: Rhizome separation
  • GROWTH RATE: Slow/Moderate
  • ORIGIN: Africa

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Anubias Congensis Mini variation is an excellent foreground plant for the beginning hobbyist. This attractive plant has small, dark green, oblong leaves that¬†prove to be a beautiful accent to any aquascape. Anubias Congensis mini rhizomes can be attached to a rock, piece of driftwood, or other tank decoration. You can tie the plant down with thread or fishing line to encourage it to root in a specific spot. Wherever placed, do not cover the rhizome because this will result in rot. Keep this in mind if you plan on planting this plant in substrate–plant the roots only, not the rhizome. This plant can be grown either submersed or emersed.

Anubias Congensis Mini plants prefer a tank with good water circulation. They are slow growing which means that they are prone to algae, especially under high light. These plants prefer low to moderate lighting. They can survive without CO2 injection, but will grow faster and larger with it. Anubias Congensis mini propagates through its rhizome system. If the plant is healthy it should produce side shoots from its rhizome that you can separate and then allow to root in your tank. Eventually it will sprout into another Anubias plant. Anubias work very well with a variety of tank mates, and can survive even the most active and aggressive fish species.


  • If received in a pot, please remove all rock wool from the roots. Where possible we try and ship without pots or rockwool. Due to them being non-biodegradable we prefer to propagate in an environmentally conscious way.
  • CO2 will generally yield better growth rates.
  • Stable water conditions are a must, changes should occur over a period of time in order to reduce chances of melting etc.