Anubias Monster Pot 12CM


  • Contains up to 6-7 standard net pot portions in one pot
  • CO2: Not Required
  • PLANT LOCATION: Attaching
  • PH: 6-9
  • PROPOGATION: Rhizome separation
  • GROWTH RATE: Slow/Moderate
  • ORIGIN: Africa

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‘Variegated’ is a selection of the Glabrous Anubias with an interesting white spot pattern in its leaves. Until now it is rarely available. This plant is also labeled as Anubias minima ‘Variegated’ oder ‘Variegata’ As well as the wild type, it features a distinctive narrowly lanceolate leaf shape. It differs from Anubias barteri var. glabra ‘Variegated Small Leaf’ by larger, about 6 cm long leaves.

Temperatures of about 21-27 °C and medium lighting are recommended. Anubias species are known for their low demands, however, for optimal growth, we recommend complete macro- and micronutrient supply via the water column, CO2 addition and not too dim light. Plants with variegated leaves have generally somewhat higher light demands than the entirely green wild types because they produce less chlorophyll for their photosynthesis. As well as other Anubias, ‘Variegated’ is an epiphyte in the first place that can be fastened to hardscape materials.

With its narrow, white spotted leaves, Anubias barteri var. glabra ‘Variegated’ is a striking plant that is best placed on wood or rock in the aquarium midground. It is also interesting as an emersed plant for paludariums.