Bio Sponge Single


A better alternative to vertical sponge filtration as it contains a chamber for bio media. The light bright coloration also aids in identifying when the sponge needs rinsing.

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Made of eco-friendly sponge and non-toxic high quality plastic, safe and harmless to all fish. Provides both mechanical and biological filtration at the same time. Allows beneficial bacteria to colonize hence effectively remove impurities and stabilize aquarium water. Air driven. Will not suck in fry or other small fish. Easy to install. Easy to maintain. Suitable for all small tropical fish aquariums.

Before use, soak the filter in aquarium water for 5 mins. Squeeze the sponge in the water to remove all trapped air bubbles. This will keep the filter stay submerged. Connect the filter to an air pump via airline tubing. Attach the filter to the inner side of your aquarium using the supplied suction cups.

Use aquarium water to wash filter media and sponge. Do not rinse the sponge with tap water or hot water. Place the air pump on top of the aquarium or use a check valve to prevent water from returning to the air pump in case of equipment / power failure. Use a control valve to easily adjust desired air flow.

NOTE Air pump, airline tubing, check valve and control valve NOT INCLUDED.