Chocolate gourami

One of our favorite species in our fish room. Does require a bit more attention and environment with soft, subdued lighting.

Gentle flowing filtration is recommended as well as non boistrus tank mates. They are paternal mouth brooders, with the female fullfilling the brood care role.

Please note livestock will only be shipped on Mon – Wed.

  • Care Level: Moderately Difficult
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Temp: 27 – 29
  • PH: 4 – 6.8

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Chocolate gouramis originate from Borneo, Malacca, the Malaysian Peninsula, and Sumatra. Mainly found in the blackwater peat swamps and adjacent streams of their range, they are also found in clear water areas that are tannin-stained a dark brown color by organic materials. They have a labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe atmospheric air to survive in oxygen-depleted water that might kill most other species.

Acclimating fish:

  • If received after 24-48 hours, slow drip acclimating fish to quarantine tank.
  • If received after 2+ days, equalize water temp by floating bag. Try not to pour bag water into aquarium, drain over net externally and drop fish into quarantine tank.
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