CO2 Diffuser Bazooka Style Large


  • For tanks up to 500L
  • Highly effective diffusion rate
  • Easily cleaned
  • Screw on fitting prevents line popping off
  • Please soak prior to use, initial use may require a period before full diffusion is apparent

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A Bazooka Atomizer diffuser produces incredibly small bubbles of CO2, which vastly increases levels of diffusion into the aquarium water. Our range of bazooka atomizers are designed for easy installation by attaching to the glass within the aquarium. Different sizes are available depending on the size of aquarium it is to be used.

For best results it is recommended to position the diffuser just above the substrate and beneath the outflow from your filter. This gives the CO2 bubbles maximum time as they rise to the surface, and are then dispersed around the aquarium as they enter the water flow from the filter, further extending the time the CO2 is in the water and can be diffused.