Colombo FloraGrow Carbo 250 ML


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CO2 naturally occurs within aquariums and your plants absorb it and use it as energy to grow. By injecting an aquarium with CO2 you can expect to see an increase in growth with your plants, the more CO2 there is available the quicker your plants will grow and the luscious they will be. By adding CO2 to your aquarium it also improves your fishes health, plants convert the CO2 into useful oxygen that your fish use to breathe.

FloraGrow Carbo contains an alternative source of carbon to replace the need for CO2. In aquaria without a CO2 system the use for FloraGrow Carbo is essential. By adding FloraGrow Carbo, plants can absorb the alternative source of carbon with out the need for CO2. Carbo should be added daily for best results. Besides a positive effect on plant growth carbo also reduce algae growth.

Colombo have taken the guess work out of adding nutrients to your aquarium. With its new convenient dosing pump it makes dosing easy. No more mess, wastage or spills.