Colombo FloraGrow Liquid Fertiliser 250ML


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Besides the nutrients which are absorbed through the roots, aquarium plants also absorb nutrients through the leaves. With FloraGrow products you can provide the nutrients needed to the water. Liquid fertilizers are good for aquarium plants since some plants do not have roots. This fertilizer will supply all the necessary nutrients as they mainly contain micro nutrients and are suitable for daily or weekly dosing.

Excessive usage of macro-elements is not recommended due to problems with algae. Partial water replacement is recommended in order to prevent accumulation of the fertilizer in the tank.

FloraGrow is a liquid fertilizer for moderately planted aquariums. It provides nutrients to the water which are absorbed by the plants through their leaves. Flora Grow contains all the essential nutrients in a complete formula; Iron is added in a special form which can be absorbed by plants directly.

Colombo have taken the guess work out of adding nutrients to your aquarium. With its new convenient dosing pump it makes dosing easy. No more mess, wastage or spills.