Cosmetic Sand Small

Our personnel favourite of the 3 grades of inert cosmetic substrate.

Tank pic is of our 60P.

We feel it provides the best scale to tank size as well as fine enough to be uniformly smooth without appearing rough or jagged.

Ideal for nano scapes.

Darker sand particles add a level of depth and breaks the monotony.

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Decorative sand zones are very popular in aquascaping, be it as a stripe in the foreground or a narrowing path leading into the background and giving the layout more optical depth. The benefit of using sand as a visible substrate shows itself best in being better able to design in more detail in the foreground. This is realized by placing solitary, smaller plants or smaller fragments of the hardscapes used in the layout in the shape of stone shards or driftwood pieces. An open sand area makes the whole aquarium look much brighter. Natural sand in more yellow hues creates a warmer impression.

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