Creeping Moss Tub


A strong fast-growing moss resembling Christmas moss (Vesicularia montagnei). Its shoots are coarser and it tends to develop an ascending growth habit. You will receive a small tub worth.

  • Origin: Asia
  • Growth rate: Medium
  • Height: 3 – 10+
  • Light demand: Low
  • CO2: Low

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“Creeping Moss” is a moss of the genus Vesicularia whose species has not yet been identified. It has a creeping growth habit. There is hardly any exact information about this aquarium moss that is so easily confused with other species of the genus like V. dubyana and V. montagnei. It is even possible that various mosses are sold in trade under that name.
The “Creeping Moss” presented on the pages of has wide oval, short-tipped leaves quite similar to those of V. montagnei but narrower leaf cells than the latter.

It grows fast and thrives at a very low light intensity.