Denison Barb


Please note livestock will only be shipped on Mon – Wed. You will receive juveniles which do not exhibit the mature coloration of the fish. They will appear cream with black markings. As they get older the red coloration will start appearing

Red Line Torpedo Barbs are a stunning shoaling species which must be maintained in groups of 6 or more fish. In small numbers, the fish will become very skittish and will not behave in a natural, relaxed manner. Ideally the aquarium will be 4ft long or larger and it should be well-planted at the sides and back to create hiding spots and shady areas.

  • Care Level: Easy
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Temp: 21 – 23
  • PH: 6 – 7.5

1, 6, 10

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In the wild, Sahyadria denisonii are said to inhabit extremely well-oxygenated fast-flowing waters amongst rapids and the bases of waterfalls. It is of utmost importance therefore, that these fish are provided with a decent amount of water movement and oxygenation in the home aquarium. Spraybar returns from external filters should be mounted slightly above the water level to create ‘splashdown’ and additional powerheads should be employed to create extra flow.  The chosen plants should be of a more robust nature (e.g. Anubias sp. and Java fern) as Red Line Torpedo Barbs may nibble on soft-leaved and fine-leaved plants. These fish make great companions for other medium sized fish such as many of the loach and rainbowfish species, other temperate barbs, larger Danios etc. A gold strain has been developed and early examples often showed variations in pigmentation, with fish showing different levels of dark pigmentation which came and went. Such fish could be described as calico during periods of light and dark colouration. The other member of the genus (S. chalakkudiensis) is occasionally seen as a wild import and can be distinguished by its dark dorsal fin markings and more limited red patch. A few common names are known for this fish, such as Roseline shark or more alarmingly its native name translates as Bleeding-eyes barb!

Acclimating fish:

  • If received after 24-48 hours, slow drip acclimating fish to quarantine tank.
  • If received after 2+ days, equalize water temp by floating bag. Try not to pour bag water into aquarium, drain over net externally and drop fish into quarantine tank.
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