Dried Indian Almond Leaf


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One of the most well known botanicals found in the fish/shrimp hobby. It has many common names including: Ketapang Leaves, Tropical Almond Leaves, Sweet Almond Leaves, Wild Almond Leaves, Sea Almond Leaves, Catappa Leaves.


  • Natural food source for microbes and shrimp
  • Releases tannic properties which have a healing effect
  • Contributes towards a lowering of PH
  • Anti-fungal Properties to help fight off Infection
  • Creates a blackwater environment

Read more at the following link: https://tanninaquatics.com/blogs/the-tint-1/83765377-why-exactly-do-catappa-leaves-benefit-our-fishes


Leaves are sourced from outlying, low traffic, non-pesticide usage areas and are collected once naturally released from the tree branch. It is advisable to rinse leaves before adding to tank.

Never use leaves that have been removed prematurely from branches as this may cause adverse effects to your inhabitants.

Alternatively, a concentrated tea can be made by allowing leaves to soak in dechlorinated water over the course of a few days. Try not too boil as this destroys some of the beneficial properties.


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