Kallax Ball 1 Piece


The Kallax ball is blended slightly differently from the The Original Lubao as we have gathered feedbacks from different renowned breeders in Europe and US on the requirement. More info

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The Kallax ball is specially blended and adjusted to suit breeders with high-quality shrimps. It too encourages breeding and improves water parameters.

The method to use them is similar to that of Lubao.

There is a need to soak them a minimum of 3 days in RO water and the water in the soaking container/tub need to be changed daily. The soaking period removes tannin and kick-start the biofilm production and with the new formula, it is suitable even for a pair of shrimps (as tested by Shrimpnation ). Shrimplets will certainly love to have the new kallax ball as it improves the survivability of shrimplets.

The ball can be used for 30 days.

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