Lagenandra Thwaitesii


  • CARE: Easy
  • LIGHT: Low/Med
  • CO2: Not Required
  • PH: 6 – 7
  • PROPOGATION: Cut rhizhome/plantlets and replant
  • ORIGIN: Sri Lanka

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This Lagenandra from Sri Lanka is a rather rare aquarium plant. It develops an upright leaf rosette; due to its slow growth it stays small for a long time. The leaves are dark-green and silvery shining on the upper surface. Full-grown plants get about 40 cm tall and are recommended for the midground and background of the aquarium. This species prefers rather higher temperatures between 24 and 28 °C. It can be propagated by cutting the strong creeping rhizome. Lagenandra thwaitesii is also well suited for paludariums. When it grows emersed, occasionally its interesting brown-red inflorescences appear.

May suffer “crypt melt” when acclimating to different water parameters but will rebound. As a result try not to move the plant once settled.

Can be propagated by either splitting the rhizome or cutting and replanting the runners.


  • If received in a pot, please remove all rock wool from the roots. Where possible we try and ship without pots or rockwool. Due to them being non-biodegradable we prefer to propagate in an environmentally conscious way.
  • CO2 will generally yield better growth rates.
  • Stable water conditions are a must, changes should occur over a period of time in order to reduce chances of melting etc.