Lubao Ball 1 Piece


The LUBAO will slowly produce biofilm over a long period of time, which allows your shrimp to have access to a constant food sources. This is also ideal as a holiday food when you can’t feed.

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This LUBAO essentially is a mix of natural powder food that helps promote biofilm.

This product is not without any dangers. Like all food products, if left unchecked, it can ruin the water parameters as ammonia will spike cause all your shrimp to be in distress. Soak them in tap water/RO Water for 3 days before using them as this will prevent an overwhelming biofilm creation. It will be fine if there are more than 30 shrimps in your tank but if you have fewer than that it is highly recommended to soak it for 3 days. This will help reduce the potency of the biofilm.

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