Masdevallia nidifica ‘Yellow’


Masdevallia nidifica is a cool growing orchid. Prefers 14-18 C degrees, semi- shade , rain/soft water and being moist all the time. It can be grown in moss or bark-mix, flowers 2-3 times per year. Comes in 6 cm pot

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Masdevallia is a New World genus named for Dr. Jose Masdeval, a Spanish botanist in the time of Charles III, and comprised of about 600 miniature to medium sized epiphytic or lithophytic species from Mexico to the southern Andes. Like their close relative the draculas (for example Dracula andreettae), masdevallias have creeping rhizomes and an inflorescence that arises from an annulus, but it’s the structure of the flower that really stands out. The sepals are fused into a tube, of sorts, and the petals stand out in various triangular arrangements. Colors range from white to yellow to brilliant reds and purples.  It is hard to pick favorites.

Being mostly from montane cloud forest, Masdevallia is generally considered a cool grower. They like low light, high humidity and watering throughout the year but be careful not to overwater.