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The number 1 cure for Planaria in shrimp tanks.

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NO Planaria it is the first product available for Planaria. Planaria has a smooth, slimy skin surface and resembles flat snails. They usually have one or two pairs of eyes and a clearly recognizable triangular or arrowhead-shaped head.

The main ingredient of No Planaria It is the extract of betel palm. The palm extract is obtained from the stump of the betel palm and is highly toxic to worm-like organisms.

NO Planaria does not influence in water quality. The pH, GH and KH values ​​remain unchanged. NO Planaria is not harmful to shrimp, aquatic plants or important bacteria.

A significant decrease in planarian can already be observed on the second day.

Beware of use with snails
Not all types of snails are resistant to No Planaria. Especially with Sulawasi snails, caution is advised. An overdose or more than recommended can be toxic to snails!

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