Nymphoides hydrophylla ‘Taiwan’


  • CARE: Easy
  • LIGHT: Low
  • CO2: Not Necessary
  • PH: 6.5 – 7.5
  • PROPOGATION: Cut stem and replant
  • GROWTH RATE: Moderate
  • ORIGIN: Asia

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Nymphoides sp. ‘Taiwan’ is an unidentified Floating Heart species from southern Taiwan. It is also called Nymphoides sp. “Flipper” and “Flipper lotus”. Whereas other species from the genus Nymphoides soon grow floating leaves, N. sp. ‘Taiwan’ keeps sprouting submersed leaves. These are of a bright green colour and somewhat transparent. The plant soon reaches a width and height of 25 cm. It grows so fast that frequent thinning is required. When doing so, you remove the oldest leaves with the longest stalks. The plant reproduces by producing adventitious plants growing on the leaf stalk shortly under the leaf blade. For propagation, you simply cut off the leaves with the leaf stalk and let them float in the water.


  • If received in a pot, please remove all rock wool from the roots. Where possible we try and ship without pots or rockwool. Due to them being non-biodegradable we prefer to propagate in an environmentally conscious way.
  • CO2 will generally yield better growth rates.
  • Stable water conditions are a must, changes should occur over a period of time in order to reduce chances of melting etc.