Orange Sunkist Shrimp


You will receive Neo shrimp that are at least 1.2 cm and up to 2 cm in size.

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Orange Sunkist Shrimp are another strain from the Neocaridina family. They are sometimes called Orange Pumpkin shrimp, they breed 100% true and as prolific as Red Cherry shrimp.

All are a selectively bred colour morphs of Neocaridina heteropoda. They live and act very similar to Red Cherry shrimp. The females are usually more intense than the fully coloured males. Multi Shrimp grow to about 2.0 cm and can be 2 years old.

Acclimating Shrimp:

  • 24-48 hours slow drip acclimating shrimp to quarantine tank.
  • 2+ days equalize water temp by floating bag. Try not to pour bag water into aquarium, drain over net externally and drop shrimp into quarantine tank.