Pinguicula Tina (Butterworts)


Butterworts are carnivorous plants that use sticky leaves covered in glands to trap and digest insects. Pinguicula Tina is a hybrid between the Mexican varieties P. agnata and P. zecheri, and is a perennial plant.

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  • Many are also natives of the Caribbean islands, Central America, and subtropical regions of Florida, with a smattering of species in South America.
  • They come in all shapes and sizes and some varieties grow as rosettes of broad leaves over half a foot across, while others are barely an inch wide.
  • Some of the rarer ones have long, narrow, upright leaves, which make them look more like sundews than butterworts.
  • Their variety is astounding, linked by the common theme of conspicuous, orchid-like flowers.
  • Each variety, species, and hybrid has its own distinctive flower.


  • These plants don’t require fertilizer.


  • Grow it in the direct morning sun and dappled sun during the rest of the day.
  • Avoid the blazing hot afternoon sun during the summer months – this will stress tropical Pinguicula and could cause them to shrink in size.


  • Unlike most other carnivorous plants,¬†tropical butterworts are prone to rotting if the soil is too wet.
  • Keep the soil moist by top watering whenever the topsoil begins to feel dry.
  • It’s alright to pour water over your plant and mucilage washed off the leaves will be replaced within the day.
  • Avoid letting the soil dry out completely


  • Use a coarse mix of one part sphagnum peat and two parts perlite.
  • Never use potting soil or fertilizer; they will kill your plant.