Shrimp Egg Incubator Glass


This glass incubator helps you to incubate, protect and hatch rescued shrimp eggs as well as other small egg layer fry.

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Instructions of use

  • Attach both suction cups, take out the lower rubber ring with the sieve, submerse the tumbler in water and add the shrimp eggs which you have removed from the deceased shrimp ideally with a pair of tweezers.
  • Re-insert the rubber ring, attach an air hose and attach the tumbler on the aquarium wall
  • Insert the air tap somewhere in the hose on the way to the membrane pump. Adjust the amount of air so the eggs dance on the sieve – this way they are supplied with the right amount of oxygen, as the mother shrimp would provide by moving them with its swimmerets
  • put the baby shrimp into your aquarium as soon as possible after hatching

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