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Spotted Borneo Sucker

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Gastromyzon spp. are obligate dwellers of swift, shallow streams containing clear, oxygen-saturated water and have been recorded from sea level to 1350 m above  throughout hill regions of Borneo.

They typically inhabit riffles and runs and are often found above or below cascades and waterfalls.

  • Peaceful disposition with fish and peaceful invertebrates
  • Very active and sociable fish in any aquarium
  • Ideal for planted nano aquariums
  • Temperature: 20° – 24° C
  • pH: 6-7.5, slightly acidic water is preferred
  • KH: 12 – 15 dKH
  • Minimum Tank Size: 45-60L

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With all Gastromyzon species, care is broadly the same. All need excellent water-flow and aeration, numerous rocky hiding places and smooth pebbles and boulders to graze over. Lighting should be bright to encourage algal growth in the aquarium. Plants are not necessary as the fish do not normally encounter them in the wild, but they will help with water-quality. Suitable plants for high-flow environments are Anubias and Microsoreum.

Acclimating fish:

  • If received after 24-48 hours, slow drip acclimating fish to quarantine tank.
  • If received after 2+ days, equalize water temp by floating bag. Try not to pour bag water into aquarium, drain over net externally and drop fish into quarantine tank.
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