Aquapro Super Acrylic CO2 Diffuser


  • Ultra fine similar to the TWINSTAR but with a reduced diffusion disc
  • Perfect for smaller nano style tanks
  • Less obtrusive than the bazooka style diffuser
  • Acrylic and ceramic construction
  • Please soak prior to use, if bubble size starts increasing please clean by soaking in bleach
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Acrylic CO2 diffuser. Its microporous ceramic promotes a perfect CO2 diffusion and dissolution in the water. Being built in acryl is more robust than any glass diffuser. Combined with its performance of excellence, it also offers a minimalist and discreet design inside the aquarium.

S size – up to 60l
Height 85 mm
Width 24 mm
Membrane diameter 12 mm
Fits hose 6/4 mm

M size – up to 120l
Height 85 mm
Width 28 mm
Membrane diameter 16 mm
Fits hose 6/4 mm
L size – over 120l
Height 105 mm 
Width 35 mm 
Membrane diameter 23 mm
 Fits hose 6/4 mm

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S, M, L